Enroll in the High Ticket Academy and take out the guessing game entirely!

High Ticket Academy is a training program designed for complete beginners. Follow along and learn from our proven strategy so you too can begin running your own profitable drop shipping business. The curriculum was designed by Felix Page and his team of experienced drop shipping business owners. We have seen it all- the good, the bad and most importantly the monetary results. We indeed live in a lucrative era. Thanks to technology and the internet you can create an income stream that can replace any day job. This is what Drop Shipping provided for us. Just have a look at some of the results for yourself...
Enroll In The High Ticket Academy
Enroll in the High Ticket Academy and take out the guessing game entirely!

With Our Training You Will Learn...

  • ​How to source items for $1000 plus to drop ship

  • ​How to guarantee $200-$300 profit with every sale made

  • ​How to build a beautiful online store on Shopify

  • ​How to get hungry buyers to your store ready to shop

  • ​How to scale your business to $100K+ each month

  • ​How to automate and outsource your business so you work less

What You Will NOT Be Learning...

  • How to make $10 profit per sale

  • ​How to dropship from Aliexpress/Ebay/Amamzon

  • ​How to trick people into "Free-Plus-Shipping" offers

  • How to lose money "testing" products on Facebook ads

Meet Your Instruction: Felix

Felix started drop-shipping back in early 2016 and since then has grown multiple stores to 6 figures plus. He now mentors students all around the world and is the founder of E-Commerce Prosperity.
Meet Your Instruction: Felix

This training alone is worth $3000+

60 lessons and counting broken down into an easy to follow video-format using the EXACT strategies that has allowed Felix to build multiple high ticket drop ship stores successfully! So don't delay as price will DEFINITELY INCREASE!
Enroll In The High Ticket Academy

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